Conquer the Elements with Winter Tires at Bodwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Maine winters are a doozy. Slick roads, decreased visibility and frigid temperatures cause hazardous driving conditions, and unless you equip your vehicle with the proper tools to compact Mother Nature’s wrath, you are only putting you and your passengers at risk. A surefire way of standing strong against the elements is by swapping out your current tires for winter tires.

Why winter tires? We understand that all-season tires save you time and money, but they are only truly effective in temperate climates. Here are some reasons you might consider winter tires to maneuver Maine winters:

  • Winter tires use special rubber compounds that stay pliable in the cold
  • Winter tires’ tread design features high sipe density for better traction
  • Installing winter tires extends the lifespan of your summer tires.
  • Some winter tires can be equipped with studs. Studs provide increased traction in icy conditions.

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Thinking you might put some winter tires on your Chrysler 200? Then schedule an appointment to have our service technicians outfit your ride with all it needs to get through the winter. Because here at Bodwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we want all our drives to stay safe this winter, we work to go the extra mile to keep our Brunswick,Topsham, Lewiston, Auburn, Newcastle and Bath drivers free from harm.

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